The storm bells chime (Avantgarde music, CD, 2016).

1. The sky is empty.
2. Ascend to the embrace of clouds.
3. From every orifice of the abyss.
4. Greet the dawn (for F).
5. Black belly of the beast.
6. The storm bells chime.

Where suns come to die

Where suns come to die (Cold spring records, CD., 2015).

1. This bitter earth.
2. I surrender to the soil.
3. Hymn.
4. The grinding wheels of time.

VA treatment of the dead

V/A: Treatment Of The Dead (Cold spring records, CD, 2014).

The first track of this Cold spring sampler is an excerpt of the SOL track This Bitter Earth, which is from the forthcoming album Where suns come to die. This album will be released on Cold spring records some time in the future.

11 And the mouth of time is open

And the mouth of time is open (Drowning.cc, mp3, 2013).

1. As the world burned.
2. And the mouth of Death is open.
3. Ceremonial rot.
4. This realm is free and remains eternal.
5. Hill.

10 Total Drowning
VA: Total Drowning (Drowning.cc, mp3, 2013).

1. A Sombre Moon Through The Black Myst Part 1 (I AM esper).
2. The Fates (Reprise) (Wyrm).
3. Lost (Outer Nothingness).
4. Viljen til kamp (SOL).
5. The Lost Race (Ainshval).
6. Pour Lénina (Omar Garita).

9 Beast of riddles monster of light
Beast of Riddles, Monster of Light (Archaic sound, CD, 2012).

1. Grasping putrid air.
2. The great zero gape.
3. White monolith.

8 The earth rises all green
SOL / Blódtrú: The Earth Rises All Green (Ván records, CD, 2012).

1. Shrines and temples.
2. Baldr, the bleeding god.
3. The eagles flies.

7 This realm is free and remains eternal
This Realm is Free and Remains Eternal (Cain records & Les fleurs du mal records, CD-r, 2011).

1. Ceremonial rot.
2. Hill.
3. This realm is free and remains eternal.

6 Black cloud of becoming MC
Black Cloud of Becoming (Drowning.cc , mp3 / Golemtapes, MC. 2011).

1. Womb.
2. Yielding to the sound of clouds.
3. Becoming black cloud.

5 Offer thy flesh to the worms
Offer Thy Flesh To The Worms (Ván records, CD, 2011).

1. Offer thy flesh to the worms I.
2. Offer thy flesh to the worms II.
3. Offer thy flesh to the worms III.
4. Offer thy flesh to the worms IV.
5. Offer thy flesh to the worms V.

4 The great plague imperium
Grívf / SOL: Íss / The Great Plague Imperium (Archaic sound, CD, 2010).

1. Ved is og intet (Grívf).
2. Niflhel (Grívf).
3. Hugget i is (Grívf).
4. A silence to come (SOL).
5. Shatter the herd (SOL).
6. Devoured by oblivion (SOL).

3 Old europa death chants
SOL / Blódtrú: Old Europa Death Chants (Paradigms recordings, CD, 2010)

1. Alone (SOL / Blódtrú).
2. Crippled by emotions we die in solitude (SOL).
3. The dusk of man: the dawn of the beasts (Blódtrú).
4. Where did we fall (SOL).
5. A golden horse (Blódtrú).
6. Death chants for old europa (SOL / Blódtrú).

2 I am infinity
I Am Infinity (Ván records, CD, 2008).

1. Cosmos reshaping.
2. And I rose.
3. Abyss of light.
4. From ashes to infinity.
5. The new void.
6. Cosmos reborn.

1 Let there be a massacre
Let There Be A Massacre (Ván records, CD / LP, 2007).

1. Centuries of human filth.
2. Apathetic pride.
3. Boginki.
4. Where angels rot.
5. Era of decadence.
6. The inanity of man.
7. Apocalypse.