MARCH 31st 2015.

Where suns come to die is now shipping from Cold Spring Records. Spend all thy money in their shop! Purchase the new SOL album HERE.

FEBRUARY 5th 2015.

The SOL album Where suns come to die is available for preorder at Cold Spring Records. You can also hear the third track on the album entitled “Hymn”. Check it out HERE.
SOL has recorded a new album called The storm bells chime. It’s a rather esoteric space doom album. I am currently looking for a label. More news will follow.

NOVEMBER 6th 2014.

Soon the SOL 7″ single His kingdom is made out of thin air will be finished and released on Raum Eins Records. Hopefully it will be released early 2015. I am still waiting for Cold spring records to release Where suns come to die. I will keep you posted when something happens.

The SOL live line-up has also recorded a cover of Lee Hazlewood’s The Night Before which you can listen to on youtube via THIS link.

OCTOBER 27th 2013.

The glorious netlabel, who released Black Cloud of Becoming will release a SOL album in the end of November. It will consist of the tracks from This Realm is Free and Remains Eternal + some early songs originally intended for this release.

It looks like Cold Spring records will release a new SOL album entitled Where Suns come to Die in January 2014. Cold Spring records will also release the Beyond this veil, Silence album sometime during the fall of 2014. Both albums are featuring Thomas Bøjden of Die Weisse Rose on vocals.